3 Exercising Tips

1) Exercise indoors or out: One common decision when it comes to working out is whether or not to exercise inside or out. The advantages of exercising outdoors include natural sunlight and the Vitamin D it provides, as well as the chance to enjoy nature and great weather. However, having indoor exercise options helps when the weather is too cold or hot, or if the nights are long. A mix of both is best so you have choices depending on the day in question.

2) Working out alone or with others: Another common choice exercisers must make is whether or not to work out with others. Working out alone can be incredibly convenient from a scheduling perspective, and working out in privacy does mean no one is there to judge you. However, working out with a friend provides a social occasion and someone to be accountable to or even compete with a little. Group classes and/or working with professional teachers or personal trainers can cost money but can also be effective and fun, as well as ways to learn new exercises. However, if you are working out at a different level or pace than those around you, it can ruin your workouts pretty fast.

3) Rest days: Even with cross-training between your various forms of exercise, your body is going to need rest days. These are actually when muscles grow in size, since the workouts themselves make tears in the microfibers of lean tissue. Aim for at least one day a week where you do none of your workout activities, and always give yourself a full day off between bodybuilding sessions if they are part of your regular routine. The only workout activity that is sometimes safe for a rest day is a yin or restorative style yoga class, but getting a professional massage and spa day is just as good, perhaps better.

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