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If you would like to make the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs, there are a number of things that you should know. First, you should know what an e-cig is as well as how it works. Ecig basically means electronic cigarette. As the name suggests, this is a portable electrical device that transforms nicotine liquid into a mist that is inhaled by the user. Since traditional tobacco cigarettes contain a wide range of harmful chemicals, some of which can cause cancer, avoiding traditional cigarettes are highly recommended by experts. If you are already hooked on nicotine, however, you can still get your nicotine dose from an e-cig without the harmful effects.

Main Components of an Ecig

An e-cigarette contains a cartridge, charger, an atomizer, and a battery pack. Most starter packs also come with an e-liquid bottle for refilling the cartridge. Apart from the health benefits of using an ecig, there are also financial benefits. For one, it is much cheaper to use an ecig as opposed to smoking a pack or two of traditional cigarettes. This means you can save a lot of money in the long run. Since the ecig will also help you to avoid health problems, you can save a lot of money on medical bills. Furthermore, e-cigs are allowed in many places where cigarette smoking in public has been banned, so you can get your dose of nicotine whenever you need it.

Saving Money with Promo Codes and Discount Codes

While there are many cost benefits of switching to e-cigs, a starter kit is obviously much more expensive than a pack of traditional cigarettes. This may convince you to continue smoking traditional cigarettes. However, you should know that there are long-term cost benefits of using ecigs. In addition to that, most vendors have deals, discounts & promo codes for e-cigs. Once you fill your shopping cart with e-cig products, you can redeem your discount code or promo code to reduce your total cost. This is usually done during checkout by entering the unique code on the space provided.

Where to Find Promo Codes and Discount Codes

There are many websites that gather and publish promo and coupon codes offered by a number of major dealers in a variety of industries. All you have to do is run a search on ecig promo and discount codes. You can analyze the results and identify the best offer on the market. The following are some key factors to consider when comparing ecig promo codes:

i) Discount Offered

There are two types of discounts, fixed discounts, and percentage discounts. For instance, you may find two promo codes from the same vendor; one offering a 15% discount while the other offers a $10 discount on purchases exceeding $50. With the first discount code, you will save $15, on a $100 purchase of e-cig products. The second coupon will give you a discount of only $10 on the same purchase. If your shopping cart is worth $60, however, the first coupon code will give you a discount of $9 while the second will give you the same $10 discount, which makes it the better option in this case. Therefore, it is important you analyze coupons before choosing to redeem any one of them.

ii) Product Prices

If you would like to buy a certain e-cig battery brand, it is imperative you check the prices quoted by different ecig dealers to ensure that the coupon you choose will give you the best deal possible. If a battery back goes for $10 at a certain e-cig shop, but the same product sells for $6 at a different store, a 10, 20 or 30% discount code at the first store will not mean anything since you will still buy the product at a higher price than what others are offering. That is why you need to compare prices before you choose a promo code.

iii) Validity

Coupons are normally limited time offers, which means that they have an expiration date. Before you choose a discount or promo code, be sure to check whether or not it is valid. This will save you the hassle of trying to redeem an expired promo code.

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